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Crafting Spaces That Feel Like Home

Hello and welcome to PlanYourHome.com! I’m Malcolm Barker, the mind and heart behind the articles, tips, and ideas you’ll find here. As an architect with a fervent passion for creating spaces, my mission is to transform your everyday living through thoughtful design and personalized spaces that truly feel like home.

My Journey Through Design

My path into the world of architecture and home planning began in my childhood, igniting a lifelong passion for crafting spaces that enhance lives. However, it was my travels and experiences after graduation that truly shaped my approach. From the cobblestone streets of Europe to the sleek skyscrapers of Asia, I absorbed a myriad of design philosophies, all of which have influenced my perspective on making homes not just beautiful, but meaningful and functional.

Blending Professional Expertise with Personal Passion

With over two decades of experience in architecture and home design, I’ve had the privilege of leading projects that range from intimate urban retreats to expansive rural estates. My approach is marked by meticulous attention to detail, a penchant for sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to creating sanctuaries that reflect the dreams and needs of their inhabitants.

My love for design extends beyond professional projects. I am deeply invested in sharing knowledge and insights through writing, workshops, and public speaking, aiming to inspire and inform others about the beauty and potential of thoughtful home design. Each piece I share on PlanYourHome.com is a blend of my professional expertise and personal insights, crafted to help you envision and create your perfect space.

Life Beyond the Blueprints

Away from the drafting table and the keyboard, you’ll often find me in my workshop, bringing life to pieces of furniture, or in the garden, experimenting with landscape designs. These hobbies not only satisfy my creative urges but also enhance my understanding of materials and craftsmanship, enriching my architectural work.

I believe a home’s true essence is in the stories it tells and the memories it harbors. My goal at PlanYourHome.com is to guide you in creating a space that resonates with you, supports your lifestyle, and enriches your life’s narrative.

Welcome to our community of dreamers, planners, and creators. Welcome to my world.

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